Saturday, May 30, 2009



- Sunrise yoga this AM. Excercise out of the way by 8:30am. YAY. I took my mom, I think it almost killed her
- Chorizo / eggs / fruit for breakfast at Pacific Whey. YES !
- Possibly going to Coto De Caza tonight, I'll see if its worth the hype. Its 'inland' so I really doubt it.
- my fingernails are recovering from whatever happened to them when they all split / peeled and broke. I need to buy gloves for washing bottles but I can't seem to remember to buy them.
- Harper is doing better at day care.
- my mom bought me a margarita machine for my birthday. BOOYOW !!


- the weather. Miserable grey and a mist so heavy it seems like rain. WHATEVER.
- The aforementioned Carols Daughter lip gloss is now clearanced at TJ MAXX for $3.50, glad I could over pay for that crap by $10.
- did I mention the weather ?
- My Name is Earl was cancelled and well, guess what NBC ? You suck. You cancelled LasVegas and now this ? go ahead and show all your 'reality' BS. It sux and so DO YOU !

Friday, May 29, 2009

WARNING : Worst lipgloss EVER !

Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lipgloss.

Horrid. I am a big fan of Carol's Daughter and was excited to see this lip gloss. I even posted a pic of it in a previous blog - Sephora Haul. BAH !!

Talk about inconsistent formula. I squeeze the tube and a bunch of clear / oily stuff comes out. OK, I've seen that before, Keep going... same thing. I put the lid on, squished the tube around a bit, I got a wee bit of color, then all clear oily stuff. I freaked and just kept squeezing and squeezing, nothing. I'd say its half gone now.

At $13.50, certainly I expect more than this. I CERTAINLY expect more from Carol's Daughter. I just read reviews on MUA, and guess what ?! Same thing, so it wasn't a 'one - off'.

Pass on this stuff.

Thursday, May 14, 2009



- I went to the post office yesterday. I got out the last bit of my last swap, sent my NARS duo Sin/Casino to a nice gal on MUA, and sent a suprise belated birthday package to a Miss. Magpie Sparkles. She will be very surprised !! ( not after she reads this ) ohh, but she will, she has NO idea what it is.

- I made it through Cardio Kick Boxing today !

- The weather is beyond awesome finally. Going to the beach this weekend.

- Loving my mothers day present from Mike - my pink face Rolex. I need to post a picture, its GORGEOUS !!

- Harper seems to be able to survive day care at the gym now.


- Still no beach bod for the beach, but I'm working on it.

- too lazy to go to the car wash, and my car is looking fairly dirty right now.

- looking at some pics I posted on FaceBook of myself, ghastly. But I'm working on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BarryM mani/pedi!! <3

{Right to left}

Seche Clear- Base Coat
NAIL PAINT, BarryM- Mint Green
Esse- Over the Top
Sinful Colors- Pearl Harbour
Seche Vite- Top Coat

The BarryM Nail Paint is M's newest swap item from England. It's "Mint Green", literally. Really smooth formula; two or three coats/ super shiny!

To do the curved tips C actually uses a flat concealer brush, a makeup brush, dipped in 100% acetone and dabbed on a paper towel.

Using the Seche clear base coat all over the nail surface, allowing to dry, then painting the tips of the nail to about midway to the beds. Smoothing to the desired width of the french tip you want, (C likes hers thicker than most but the concealer brush with acetone allows you to make your tip as thin as you like)

For the polka dots, the pointy end of a toothpick cut down enough to get a small, round, flat kind of "stamp", (cut right in the middle of the toothpick for a bigger polka dot, or for flower petals), Then dipping that tip into the Esse- Over the Top black color and stamping it right onto the Mint Green BarryM tip.
How ever many polka dots you like, what ever size. Then with the Sinful Colors- Pearl Harbour, coat the entire nail over after the tips and polkies are dry.
Finish with the Seche Vite Top Coat. This top coat is "quick dry", so it dries quick. LOL

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fridays UPS and DOWNS


Having my 'Derby' day party tomorrow, with my high school friends from Facebook that I haven't seen forever, some former co-workers, neighbors etc.. it should be fun

I have 3 swaps going right now, and its been fun working on them.

I set my hair appointment for next Friday and just thinking about it makes me happy.

Figuring out how to semi use my 3-barrel wave iron. What a tricky thing that is. Blog entry to follow.


Its supposed to rain tomorrow during my aforementioned Derby party.

Spending too much at the mall and what not. I need to stop going into Forever21. I have found their 'sister' store 'Heritage 1981', and they have great stuff too.. I am going to diet like Emma after these swaps.

did I mention the rain tomorrow, BIG bummer. Huge.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


C and I created a bunch of draft blogs one day, and thought we could post them daily and everything would be cool. Not cool. They are all posting under each other so it looks like the blog is not current, but it is. I just posted all of them to get them on, but PLEASE :: look below the lightscapade post and there are several others.

Thanks for looking !!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bye Bye Lightscapade!

OK, here it is. Lightscapade. Purchased - who
knows when. I blame makeupalley for this
purchase. They were getting so worked up over
this product and its really.. quite boring in my
opinion. I've used it..3 times - maybe.

Well, I found a home for it. Beautyjunky86 is
getting this. I have several other products that
I like HAVING but I don't use, I take them out,
look at them.. never use them, but would never
get rid of them.

What about you ? any items you have that
you don't use, but can't bear to part with ?
Its like a mental disorder or something :D


Head table! (mint cream dark chocolates in the middle. =D)

Table 2 (chocolate covered pretzels in the middle)

Table 3 (dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts in the middle)

PARTY TIME drinks and salad and M.

Caprise picks! (Mozarella balls, baby tomatoes and basil leaf)

C's salad! (spinach, 3 cheese tortellini, sun dried tomatoes, parmesean cheese, and Greek Olive dressing)

Fresh and Easy mini pizzas (3 cheese with tomatoes and basil)

Mini cheesecakes! Homemade- (with mini Nillas)

Brownie cookies with walnuts and jumbo chocolate chunk cookies.


Blood Orange Organics Italian Soda!

Lipglosses I am loving right now

Juicy Tube- Lancome (Spring Fling)
I love this, nice and sheer, great fruity flavor.

CG Wetslicks- (Fig Splash)
This is REALLY nice, I think next to the GOSH cool lip jams, this one I love the most. Its a nice nude - silverish color, and I would SO SO repurchase this. I love it. Being CoverGirl, you
know the price is right. I've blogged on this before
but I just really love it. It has a 'chocolate' taste
which is not my favorite, but its tolerable.

Vegas- LUSH!

DADDY-O SHAMPOO - (cuts "yellow" in the hair, for colored hair, purple tone eliminates brassiness). This stuff is INKY INKY purple, and scary. I mixed it with regular shampoo the first time. I used it straight the 2nd time, it works. I have highlighted hair, and while I don't think I get 'brassy' I think I get a little fading..which I think is oxidation, and this perks it up. The smell is off putting. Someone told me its violet ( so does the LUSH website ), if that smell is violet, no thanks. It really smells like hair dye to me. The small bottle was $8.75 and its 3.3 ounces. I wash my hair 2x a week, I wouldn't use this both times, so it will probably last a while, I am not sure this is a re-purchase yet.

COOLAULIN CONDITIONER- (creamed coconut and lemon to help dry hair)
Why you would put lemon juice in something that is supposed to be conditioning/moisturizing, I do not know. I am a sucker for almost anything that smells like coconut, and this has a great scent, not the fake sugary coconut, but real. As far as being moisturizing, to me its not. It feels like nothing. HOWEVER, I know it does something because my hair is dirty and gross within 2 days. VERY similar to how your hair would be if you washed it with a bar of soap. Not that I've done this recently, but when I was younger I tried it a few times. This is not a re-purchase. I wish it was a body wash, I love the scent.

Bubble bars- (Cream Candy)
I buy these all the time, they are awesome. They smell similar to the RockStar soap. One bar is $6.65 so its not cheap, however you can just break off pieces of this for the bath and it can last quite a while. I used to buy LUSH by mail because no stores are local, I still have my last box, and it was 2005, and I just used all my stuff up. While I don't recommend letting it all get that old, it does last a while. These are NOT moisturizing. They are vanilla-y, sugar-y scented which I like. They do make lots of great bubbles.
I did also buy a MMM melting marshmellow moment bath melt, no picture available as I already mutilated it. I never use anything as a single use, the LUSH products are too big / expensive to do that. I've never used a bath melt, this one looks like a giant pink cupcake. It says its moisurizing, I will say its slightly so. I am not sure this is a re-purchase. The website is showing a ' You've been Mango'd' bath melt that actually looks better, I didn't see that one :( The Marshmellow one is $ 7.95 and the mango is $5.85...
Since LUSH is so ridiculously priced, I really try to curb what I buy. I usually always just buy Creamy Candy bubble bars and RockStar soap, but I passed on the soap this time, I still have part of a bar left right now. I have never ventured into the shampoo/conditioner realm with them. I always look at the shampoo bars but I will not purchase, I am a semi-freak about what I put in my hair, and they are not that appealing.
I am going back to Vegas in July, I'll probably get a RockStar soap then, maybe that Mango thing, I hate paying for shipping, so I'll just wait until I'm there :D

Swap from Ireland with Beautyjunky86

Miss Sporty nail polish- 60 seconds (Metal Shine)

This polish is awesome. The coverage is phenomenal, it lasted about 2 days with no chips which is pretty good in my opinion. I am very interested to know if there are more of these because I TOTALLY love this.

Lancome Caresse Moisturizing Silky Touch Lotion.

I keep meaning to see if Lancome sells this here, because if so, I am interested. This stuff is NICE.

Elle Macpherson bath soak- SELF

I haven't tried this yet, and I've NEVER seen anything Elle MacPherson out here except underwear.

Shiseido Pureness matifying moisturizer

I stay away from Shiseido.. I have several brands I never try as my way of trying to save money..but of course, I'm interested.. :D

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate- Skin Renewer

Already using this. This is really good, I think it has improved the texture of my skin, it basically does it in the first use. Its nice, not too strong, stinky or burning. :D

Natural Collection blush- Rosey Glow

This product is very interesting to me. I kind of want to just stick a pin in it to see what it is. It feels hard / powdery but yet it is creamy. I looked at the Natural Collection website and at the SuperDrug website, this stuff is really inexpensive but you would not know based on the quality. The color pay off is good, and as I said, the texture is phenomenal.

No.7 eyeshadow palette- Stay Perfect (Romantic)

These No7 e/s are nice. They are NOT shimmery, not overly matte and dull either. The colors are true, and easy to blend. I have never tried these before and they are very nice !

No.7 eyeshadow palette- Stay Perfect (Cappuccino)

You can see I've used this one. The top color is a great wash, actually they all could be.

Jennifer Lopez perfume- Deseo

YvesSaintLauren perfume- Elle

I have not tried these yet. I am a total JLo fan and while I probably would not purchase a celebrity perfume ( except I've been wanting one of Britney Spears perfumes, go figure ) its great to get samples.

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer

I love this. This is perfect for travel. Its also semi unisex, so I share with Mike when we go to Vegas.

GOSH cool lip jam #106

I am totally obsessed with the GOSH cool lip jams. I wish they sold them here, I'd have all of them. The consistency is sticky like a Lancome juicy tube, but whatever. They are 'cooling' and I feel they are so creamy /nice / moisturizing that I carry the 2 I have in my purse at all times. PLUS, its nice to have these after seeing all the fuss about them on YouTube. :D

Barry M dazzle dust #39

Dazzledusts are dope. That's all I know. This one is a nice nude-ish / rosey powder with shimmer. These are really nice, and if these were sold in the US I'd have all of these too. The Barry M website shows all the colors, and its quite an amazing offering. These to me are softer and easier to use than MAC pigments.

Lancome Juicy Tube- Barbe a Papa

I love juicy tubes, and I love this color and I love beautyjunky86 for sending all this great stuff to me :D

Barry M lip paint #132

This picture doesn't do this lipstick justice. I think the actual color is called pinkie gold sparkle and that is exactly what it is. Its like a rose gold. And this has moved itself into HG status for me, and I love LOVE LOVE it. Again, if they sold Barry M here, all lip paints would be MINE !

** I have a bad feeling I am missing something. I drug all this stuff out to Vegas with me, I didn't want to part with it, I had just gotten it the day before, so when I put it away, its all over the place...

OH YES !! I got a cute little GOSH make up bag, purse size, so perfect. I have it in my purse too, rather than letting everything rattle around in my bag to never be found, I've decided to organize and the fact that it says GOSH on it, makes it so exotic, to me !!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Q & A - tag from Magpie Sparkles

1. What is your current fashion obsession ? everything. Scarves around the neck, corkbottom shoes - wedges or otherwise, gigantic gaudy cocktail rings worn during the day, tissue weight Tshirts that are LONG enough for me.

2.What are you wearing today ? sadly, I am not dressed. My usual stay at home out fit is a tank top and yoga pants, so thats it for now. BUT I would not go in public with this on.

3. Hair ? Dirty. Washed on Thursday, and needs to be redone. I do need a color, the gray is busting out.. again.

4. Do you nap a lot ? Never. It actually makes me physically ill. Unless I'm already sick, no naps.

5. Why is today so special ? Great weather. Getting the baby a bigger car seat, maybe some new undies from Victoria's secret OR GAP body. And searching for my mothers day gift - the pink faced rolex. YES !

6. What would you like to learn to do ? Be a better cook. I'm working on it.

7. What's for dinner today ? Not sure, but I think its left over pasta from Maggiano's.

8. What are you listening to right now ? Right this minute, Little Bill on Noggin, music wise - The Commodores. My Lionel Richie obsession continues. AND if you question this, listen to their 'OH NO' song, and tell me you don't love it.

9. What is your favorite weather ? Mid 80's and a slight breeze. I do like the 110 degree Vegas weather, but its not my favorite, its 2nd.

10. What's the last thing you bought ? Some OPI polish that kinda looks like MAC's peppermint patti and some ABBA conditioner that I love. I used all my other one up ! its a repurchase.

11. What are your essentials when travelling ? my 3 hairbrushes ( yes 3 ), straightening iron, Kiehls silk straightener, Aveda shampoo/conditioner, body oil, Neutrogena oil free acne wash, and make up depends on A. where I'm going and B. if I'm flying there. The flying part determines what I bring and don't care if NTS fucks it up like they did several years ago when I went to Florida and they caused my supersolano hair dryer to squeal and blow out black pellets. Assholes.

12. What's your style ? who knows. Even when I was young and actually STYLISH I couldn't define a style. I wear flip flops almost 365 days a year. I don't wear shorts above the knee and my favorite colors to wear are white and grey. I'd say that's boring :D Thats my style. Boring.

13. What is your most challenging goal right now ? uhh, getting my act together in general has proved challenging all my life. I'll stick with that one.

14. What do you think of the person that tagged you ? She did not 'tag' me out right, its an 'open' tag, but I do love Emma. <3

15. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be ? oh my. I think Pelican Hill Newport beach, on the golf course with an insane ocean view. I really do love it there.

16. Favorite vacation spot ? Since I don't really 'vacation' and don't truly go anywhere, I will say its Hawaii while never having been there with local beaches being 2nd.

17. Name the things you can not live without ? My kids, Mike, my family, caffeine, sugar, lipbalm, sunscreen and television.

18. How was your childhood ? Overall, good. Teenage years, good. I loved high school and what not.

19. What would you like to have in your hands right now ? ohh many things come to mind, I'll just go with the keys to my Bentley Coupe that I don't have..yet.

20. What would you like to get rid of ? the ex. And Obama.

21. What are you most excited for ? the prospect of getting my rolex and going back to Vegas over the 4th of July weekend and getting a cabana by the pool - YES !

22. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go and what would you do ? Hmm, go to England and shop at Superdrug with Emma and Lollipop26 OR play golf in Hawaii ? ummm, go to Jamaica with my sister and get as drunk as possible in 60 minutes.

23. What countries have you visited ? once I stop laughing, I can only say Canada. Sadly, and its not like its even another country - TECHNICALLY. :( ps. But I do love Vancouver..and Whistler.

24. What scares you ? Liberals, fire and tidal waves.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ups and Downs


- TGIF of course
- Johnsons and Johnsons baby wash. Its superior to all other body washes without question
- Bunco is over, and my menu was a hit. What a relief. I literally have nightmares when its my turn to host
- I learned how to make sangria. Sometimes 'winging it' is fun !
- Watching Yo Gabba Gabba ! with my daughter. What a cute educational show.
- the prospect of going to the Irvine Spectrum today. A friend wants a CP of MAC's Perfect Topping, I wonder if it will prove elusive.
- the weather, its finally nice.
- my gorgeous daughter Harper..and of course those other 2 kids I have too..
- my SLEEK eye palette that Magpie Sparkles sent me, I just love it so much
- L'Oreal HIP eye kohls, black. Its my favorite black liner
- Milani Luminous blush - how gorgeous is this ?
- Barry M lip paint in #132
- GOSH cool lip jams


- C's broken heart :(
- the very good prospect of seeing people I REALLY despise this weekend
- being a 'golf widow' every Friday
- the broken heart of my other good friend Ryan, betrayal is unforgiveable, as is lying :(
- no more NEW episodes of 'What not to Wear'. :( what's the deal with that ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ups and Downs


- Watching the new season of 'The Hills', I am glad its ending though, its monotonous
- The new season of ' Housewives of New Jersey' BOO YOW ! can't wait !
- Finally getting into the SAHM 'groove'. Didn't think it would happen, really
- Watching Harper grow, and getting close to crawling, she is truly a joy
- Warmer BEACH weather is a-coming.


-Not having the bod for the aforementioned beach weather :( I can't even blame it on pregnancy, I think I look about the same as I did before I was PG.
- Not knowing how to run this blog properly - post pics etc.. I'm learning.
- Stressing out about my turn at hosting bunco. I am love / hate with bunco right now.
- I didn't get the REALLY good strawberries this year, for the 1st time in about 3 yrs :(

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TUESDAYS Ups and Downs - 'stolen' from Magpie Sparkles :D


- Going to Vega$ tomorrow. I can't wait. I wonder if taking my 5 month old to Vega$ is a big mistake.

- Getting back into Yoga. I wish I hadn't stopped.

- Anticipating a swap package from Ireland. Very exciting. I am swapping with BeautyJunky86 on YouTube. Check out her channel :

- My daughter smiling at me constantly, how did I get so lucky ?

- We bought 2 day tickets to Disneyland a week ago, greatly anticipating the next trip to be better than the 1st one.


- The weather in Vega$ is going to be miserable. I hate April.

- Not having time to do make up / hair anymore. Its so difficult with the baby.

- Regretting not having planted my daffodil bulbs last fall :(

- Faulty diapers suddenly not containing ANYTHING ( TMI TMI )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Up reviews, Product Reviews and Reviews in general....

I am a long time member of, since 1991. Initially the only thing I did on this site is look at reviews. Its the consumer reports of all make up / hair /skin products and has proven invaluable. I have very few, if any regrettable purchases.

In looking for baby products for my newborn, the reviews of products on and have been invaluable as well. - same thing. I like the rating system of food - easy, intermediate, difficult.. I am food challenged and I like EASY and I like to read others reviews first to learn of their pitfalls before I have my own. HELPFUL right ?

What made me think of this is that we are travelling to Vegas this week. We typically eat at restaurants on the strip, and my signficant other is quite picky. We are looking to expand our repetoire and find a new mexican place. Googling the restaurant and looking at the menu is not enough.. what to do ???

Go to YELP.COM. I love this website. The search engine alone is AMAZING. You want mexican food in Vegas ? search it.. Just put in 'mexican food' and 'Las Vegas'...if you forget the name of a restaurant you want to revisit ? as long as you know the food type and what city its in, chances are you can find it on YELP.COM. I am a member of - Yelp Elite to be exact :P and it is ALL member reviews. And these people are hard core foodies, and I find that the reviews are pretty accurate and exacting. Not only are restaurants 'yelped', but retail stores, grocery stores, doctors, dentists, schools, nail shops etc... I myself have 'yelped' my OBGYN, my dentist, oral surgeon, high school, favorite retail stores, hair salon, nail salon and restaurants, not only in California where I live but places I visit - Georgia, Colorado etc...

If you haven't checked it out, do so, join and YELP. The more people that write reviews, the better it is. There are also YELP events, a message board and other fun things available.

Here is my profile :

Also note, Yelpers are VERY helpful, if you have a question about a specific review they wrote - message them. They are pretty fanatical ( similar to MUA ) about their YELPS and will get back to you. :D

Saturday, April 4, 2009

C= 10 favorite drugstore items.

#1.) Rimmel lipstick= Crush.

A creamy apricot shade, with a little bit of shimmer.

#2.) Chapstick brand Naturals chapstick= Lip Butter w/ Avocado and raspberry.

Very smooth and healing!

#3.) Almay smart shade foundation= light/medium.

This is the BEST foundation I've EVER used. It's not really even like a foundation. It's so light and sheer, it's more like just a tinted moisturizer. I love that it has SPF!

#4.) Jergens Faces cold cream= (GONE!)

My grandmother has used this all her life and she is nearly 80 years old! I promise you she does NOT look at day over 50. She has the most wonderful skin and I asked her what her secret was and I've been using THIS tub since I was 15. I'm 18 now!! It's much gentler than most cold creams which tend to tingle my skin and make an almost burning sensation. I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE again so I'm making this tub last as long as I can!

#5.) AcneFree Black Head TERMINATOR.

This is really similar to that weird chamomile "pimple drying" solution. It is basically just concentrated benzoyl peroxide, and it works very quickly. It brings the pimple or black head out but reduces redness and the occasional swelling.

#6.) Shinylicious lipgloss= Raiz'n Razzle.

These lipglosses are the best. I've had several of them in almost every flavor.

#7.) Dream Mousse Blush= Soft Plum.

I actually have 4 of these blushes but this one is my favorite. The dream mousse products are so soft and smooth, and very long wearing.

#8.) Milani Power Lash mascara= Jet black.

I absolutely LOVE this mascara. This is my 3rd tube of this particular one too! I have really long, curly lashes so I tend to look for mascara with a very large brush because it spreads the mascara over my lashes so much better than others. I hate clumps!

#9.) WetnWild Ultimate Expressions palette= Sand Castle.

#10.) Prestige eyeliner= Lightening.

I also have about 5 of these eyeliners and I love them. They go on smooth, and stay put all day. The each are seemingly waterproof also. I am not a huge fan of eyeliner but if I'm going to purchase some at all I only buy Prestige.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jamba Juice secret!

Today MC dropped by a Vons graced with an inside Jamba Juice on their way to Irvine Spectrum. The lovely woman at the stand casually mentioned that she could save C about 2 or 3 dollars with a little tip, BUT she also mentioned that she wouldn't say this is her "manager" was present....

Instead of buy two 16 size smoothies, (Jamba goes by ounces not small or medium or large), you can buy one POWER size, which is 30 Oz. Then they can divide into the two smaller 16 oz cups! It's nearly 3 bucks cheaper and you even have a bit left over! Two 16 oz. sizes would cost about 7 dollars but the one power size is 4.90! She also told C about a motorcycle accident her son was just in while out in the desert riding with some friends and that's why she needed to obtain the JJ job. Sweet isn't she?

<3 MC

M= 10 favorite drugstore items.

#1.) Rimmel lipstick= Airy Fairy and Birthday Suit.

(The one closest to the camera is Birthday Suit, a creamy nude. Airy Fairy is a nice sheer pink with a little bit of shimmer.)

#2.) Maybelline Mascara= Colossal Volum' Express and Lash Stilletto. I love both, but if I had to pick ONE, its Colossal. I have tried LashBlast, and I loved it, until I tried this. Neither of these smudge or flake, and they are easy to remove.

The yelllow tube is Glam Black and the black tube is Very Black. (C says, "Mom. Black is BLACK. Why buy two?)

#3.) Loreal Kohl Eyeliner= Burgundy, Teal and Black. I love these. I have the 'original', the Guerlain eye kohl in brown, these are just as good if not better for a LOT less $$. I use them to line with the 'eastern method'. They are very pigmented and the only down side is the 'fall out'. Tap the stylus lightly before using and it helps a little.

#4.) NYC lipstick= Cafe. This is a very nice frosty mocha. For $1, its a great neutral lipstick. Not too matte or gloss, its long lasting and doesn't taste bad. I really like it.

(Cafe is a really nice, shimmer mocha color. Wears very smooth.)

#5.) WetNWild Ultimate Expressions palette= Sand Castle. (M and C have this palette, C uses it in most of her FOTD's.) This has 8 shadows for $4.99, you can't beat it. The shadows are nicely pigmented and very soft and easy to blend. They also have blue and purple palette available.

#6.) Milani shadow quad= Earthly Delights. The top right color is a gorgeous olive green that is an HG for me. When applied with a damp brush as eyeliner, it is gorgeous. It has wonderful sparkle, these are highly pigmented and blend very nicely.

#7.) CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer= Fig Splash. This creates a beautiful glossy nude lip. It has a slight chocolate taste.

#8.) Maybelline Shinylicious gloss= Cola Float. These glosses are my favorite, this one in particular. It is highly pigmented ( where not all of these are ) it is a beautiful bronze color. Not sticky, long lasting and has a pleasant cola taste.

#9.) makeup from Kohl's, Flirt! brand Plushious gloss= (left to right) Fire and Spice, Purple Passion, (Unknown), Nude Envy. These are not drugstore per se, they are available at Kohls for $12 each. No one ever talks about these, I guess they are easy to miss. They are the PERFECT mix of a gloss and a lipstick. Very nicely pigmented, not sticky, LONG lasting and they don't taste bad. The 2nd from the left is my perfect mauve, and the 3rd from the left is an HG. Its a soft berry color with gold shimmer, it also makes a very nice stain.

#10.) Milani mineral powder blush= Luminous.
(color match to NARS Orgasm.) I love this product, its very soft and easy to blend. It comes with a small brush in a storage compartment under the actual blush, its not a brush I would use but the packaging is nice.