Friday, April 24, 2009

Swap from Ireland with Beautyjunky86

Miss Sporty nail polish- 60 seconds (Metal Shine)

This polish is awesome. The coverage is phenomenal, it lasted about 2 days with no chips which is pretty good in my opinion. I am very interested to know if there are more of these because I TOTALLY love this.

Lancome Caresse Moisturizing Silky Touch Lotion.

I keep meaning to see if Lancome sells this here, because if so, I am interested. This stuff is NICE.

Elle Macpherson bath soak- SELF

I haven't tried this yet, and I've NEVER seen anything Elle MacPherson out here except underwear.

Shiseido Pureness matifying moisturizer

I stay away from Shiseido.. I have several brands I never try as my way of trying to save money..but of course, I'm interested.. :D

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate- Skin Renewer

Already using this. This is really good, I think it has improved the texture of my skin, it basically does it in the first use. Its nice, not too strong, stinky or burning. :D

Natural Collection blush- Rosey Glow

This product is very interesting to me. I kind of want to just stick a pin in it to see what it is. It feels hard / powdery but yet it is creamy. I looked at the Natural Collection website and at the SuperDrug website, this stuff is really inexpensive but you would not know based on the quality. The color pay off is good, and as I said, the texture is phenomenal.

No.7 eyeshadow palette- Stay Perfect (Romantic)

These No7 e/s are nice. They are NOT shimmery, not overly matte and dull either. The colors are true, and easy to blend. I have never tried these before and they are very nice !

No.7 eyeshadow palette- Stay Perfect (Cappuccino)

You can see I've used this one. The top color is a great wash, actually they all could be.

Jennifer Lopez perfume- Deseo

YvesSaintLauren perfume- Elle

I have not tried these yet. I am a total JLo fan and while I probably would not purchase a celebrity perfume ( except I've been wanting one of Britney Spears perfumes, go figure ) its great to get samples.

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer

I love this. This is perfect for travel. Its also semi unisex, so I share with Mike when we go to Vegas.

GOSH cool lip jam #106

I am totally obsessed with the GOSH cool lip jams. I wish they sold them here, I'd have all of them. The consistency is sticky like a Lancome juicy tube, but whatever. They are 'cooling' and I feel they are so creamy /nice / moisturizing that I carry the 2 I have in my purse at all times. PLUS, its nice to have these after seeing all the fuss about them on YouTube. :D

Barry M dazzle dust #39

Dazzledusts are dope. That's all I know. This one is a nice nude-ish / rosey powder with shimmer. These are really nice, and if these were sold in the US I'd have all of these too. The Barry M website shows all the colors, and its quite an amazing offering. These to me are softer and easier to use than MAC pigments.

Lancome Juicy Tube- Barbe a Papa

I love juicy tubes, and I love this color and I love beautyjunky86 for sending all this great stuff to me :D

Barry M lip paint #132

This picture doesn't do this lipstick justice. I think the actual color is called pinkie gold sparkle and that is exactly what it is. Its like a rose gold. And this has moved itself into HG status for me, and I love LOVE LOVE it. Again, if they sold Barry M here, all lip paints would be MINE !

** I have a bad feeling I am missing something. I drug all this stuff out to Vegas with me, I didn't want to part with it, I had just gotten it the day before, so when I put it away, its all over the place...

OH YES !! I got a cute little GOSH make up bag, purse size, so perfect. I have it in my purse too, rather than letting everything rattle around in my bag to never be found, I've decided to organize and the fact that it says GOSH on it, makes it so exotic, to me !!

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