Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have these shoes in carts all over the internet. Amazon, Nordstrom.. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. These are a LOOONG time lemming. They come higher than this, I don't want those. The sides of the platform are suede, but you can get them in cork.. I am still kind of deciding on that. You can also get them in different colors - green, darker brown, metallic etc.. they don't come in half sizes so I imagine I am a 10 ( booo ) the price is about $135 standard. A store by me sells these, down in Laguna Beach. I think I might go try them on to make sure of the size, if the price is right ( this store is WAY over priced IMO. Probably for tourists. Boooo again ) I would like to buy them locally. Maybe I will check them out Friday.

What do you think ? Anyone have these ? They were popular in the 70's. And these are the SAME ones, same brand.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drugstore ' haul '

I went to Walmart today to check out some of the Hard Candy cosmetics, more specifically the ' Fox in a Box' I've been hearing about. I purchased ' Skinny Dipping'. Its basically a bright peach/coral blush with a bronzer. The bronzer looks pinkish. It was $6.00. MUA raves on these so I hope I like it.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume anytime Volume Refresher - aka dry shampoo. I'm still on the quest for a reasonably priced dry shampoo. I have no idea how this is, but I will do a review on it.

Palmers Skin Success - basically a cream with 2% hydroquinone in it. To lighten my dark spots. It says it has Vitamins C and E, Alpha Hydroxy and sunscreen. I don't know about the sunscreen, it doesn't say SPF. I am not relying on it, and will be using my own Neutrogena SPF 70 like usual. I have tried some other creams but nothing is working on the dark spots, and I know this will take care of it.

L'Oreal EverSleek Sulfate Free Reparative Smoothing condition - that dang Jennifer Lopez gets to me in the print ads. LOL. Silicone free and claims 48 hr frizz control. We'll see.

Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Divine. This color was SCREAMING my name. Its hardly anything I would wear, but I love it, its like an orchid lavender color. I see 4 reviews on MUA with 100% repurchase and 4.5 stars. Interesting.

Will report back on these. I am REALLY hopeful for the dry shampoo.