Friday, May 1, 2009

Fridays UPS and DOWNS


Having my 'Derby' day party tomorrow, with my high school friends from Facebook that I haven't seen forever, some former co-workers, neighbors etc.. it should be fun

I have 3 swaps going right now, and its been fun working on them.

I set my hair appointment for next Friday and just thinking about it makes me happy.

Figuring out how to semi use my 3-barrel wave iron. What a tricky thing that is. Blog entry to follow.


Its supposed to rain tomorrow during my aforementioned Derby party.

Spending too much at the mall and what not. I need to stop going into Forever21. I have found their 'sister' store 'Heritage 1981', and they have great stuff too.. I am going to diet like Emma after these swaps.

did I mention the rain tomorrow, BIG bummer. Huge.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


C and I created a bunch of draft blogs one day, and thought we could post them daily and everything would be cool. Not cool. They are all posting under each other so it looks like the blog is not current, but it is. I just posted all of them to get them on, but PLEASE :: look below the lightscapade post and there are several others.

Thanks for looking !!