Saturday, March 21, 2009

FOTD= NYX Mosaic Powder in "Love"!

This face is actually a DIY from a YouTube Tutorial by Fafinette. She used, if C can remember, (the Mayron palette?), shown in her "Bright Yellow" tutorial. The color she came up with on her lids was such a beautiful tangerine-ish color and C rifled through her stash to see what she could come up with to create a similar look.

Nothing she found came close to those absolutely solid, vibrant colors in that admirable palette that Fafinette had. But! C came pretty close I think and the look came out to be HER own unique "Tangerine Love."

From left to right these are the tools in this picture C used to create Tangerine Love.

1. MAC Glitter Eye liner in "Oxidate"
2. Milani Power Lash mascara in "Black"
3. MAC 252
4. MAC 217
5. a "soft" bristle toothbrush
6. a No.2 pencil
7. Maybelline's Expert Wear browliner in "Blonde"
8. NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in "White"
9. Mini Kabuki (Part of the Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation packaging- C uses this to contour)
10. Sephora 44 Bronzer brush

To create her "canvass", C uses the same products every time.

1. Covergirl Clean pressed powder compact in "Soft Honey" ( a few shades darker than her natural skin tone, to contour with that mini Kabuki.)
2. Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation in "Classic Ivory" ( in the swatch below this foundation looks SO much lighter on her skin because it's tannin' time. BUT, this color is very sheer on the face and has SPF.)
3. Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation in "Nude" (setter)
4. Botanics soothing eyebase
5. and MAC Studio Touch Up stick in color #nw20 ( for those break out days.)

This swatch has all five of C's face products on one hand from left to right, or top to bottom, on the hand they are as number above. The lightest one being that Maybelline liquid foundation.

Before makeup, C washes with Cetaphil and warm water and tones with industrial Witch Hazel and applies a thin coat of Eucerin Dry Skin moisturizer. Allows the moisturizer to really soak into her skin. Then applies her mineral liquid foundation with her new Sonia Kasuk "blue peep", shown in the Girl's Day Out blog. Then her mineral powder with the Sephora bronzer brush, and contours cheeks with the mini kabuki and covergirl pressed powder. Also applies the Botanics eye base to lids from lash line to brow bone. Using the toothbrush, "blonde" brow liner and No. 2 pencil- C brushes eyebrows forward with the tooth brush and outlines them with the "blonde" to darken them. Then brushes over her brow shape back over with the toothbrush and finishes over with the pencil, (secret to eyebrow coloring for light hair because some brow liners make eyebrows look too "orange-ish" or "red-headish". LOL)

Also with the mini kabuki C dabs and buffs out the Milani Blush, "Luminous", on the apples of her cheeks. (Color exact to NARS Orgasm)

^^^ *That's just the face to start on.*

To begin the Tangerine Love look, apply the NYX jumbo white liner from lashline to crease. Using your finger is more efficient C finds than using the stick itself, for more control. Then over the white she used this Wet N Wild Expressions palette called Sand Castle. She dipped her 217 into the bottom left color, putting this color all over the lid and up to the brow. It is very light taupe, or more "beige", with glitter flecs.

[Sand Castle color swatch]

Next, using this MAC Delights palette, C picked up the yellow color with the 252, (Gorgeous Gold), and swiped it from inner eye to about mid-lid. This color is not so much a matte, or "solid", yellow like we would've hope for as Fafinette had in her video, but it did give a lovely yellow-ish shimmer.

For the crease C used the 252 brush again only she turned it to the side to use the edge as a precise tool to put the color right in the crease. Out of this NYX Mosiac Powder C used the darkest hue of orange, the one standing out as most obvious from all 5 shades, and swiped the color from the outer corner ot the eye to meet the Gorgeous Gold in the middle.

[Gorgeous Gold and Mosaic color swatch.]

After color was finished on the lid, C went back over it with the Sand Castle color that was left on the 217 brush and blended the Mosaic color and Gorgeous Gold.

This MAC fluidline in "MacroViolet" was added to the "under/upper" water line with the MAC 208 slanted brush. It is a very deep, or "royal" plum color. Very pretty. This fluidline was applied by pulling the lashes up and swiping the color into the roots of the lashes, but not so as to be smudging onto the eyelid.

[MacroViolet fluidline swatch]

After the fluidline the MAC Glitter Eye liner, "Oxidate", lined the top lash line. Then we were finished with the FOTD with two coats of the Milani Power Lash mascara and a Lancome Juicy Tube in "Strawberry Sorbet" on the lips.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chippage UpDate*

An update on the mani/pedi of the Flying Dragon (CHG) and Show Me the Way (Sinful Colors)...

Flying Dragon chippage= HORRIBLE

Show Me the Way= moderate

I searched reviews for the CHG color on and there were none for this color, but in general NEON polishes chip INSANELY because of certain ingredients in the solution. They have to add certain articles to the Neons because if not they will not reflect light in a way to where they would look appealing on the nail, but also those added articles eliminate the "binding" effect from your basecoat so the Neon polish, even over that basecoat, chips off. It doesn't chip off in little bits either, it comes off in sheets. Huge shards almost like it is a peel-off polish. C is disappointed because Flying Dragon was her "party time" color. =/

Show Me the Way is not so much of a disappointment still though because the color was only 1.99, and C did not use a basecoat at all. Will do next time to see if the chippage is improved.

Happy Painting ladies!

Girls day out!

Hello again ladies! We have yet another random haul from a very lovely girls day! =D

**M, C, H, J, and V!**

Sonia Kasuk blue blending sponges
OPI polish
MAC mineral face finish
rings and a free sephora sample!

Here we go!

These are the makeup sponges, similar apparently to the Beauty Blender seen on YouTube. A review of the Beauty Blender by TiffanyD was a qieu to try THESE little puppies. Cheaper and just the same! We'll see... MC will have a FOTD featuring this tool soon!

This is a MAC mineralized skin finish in Perfect Topping. It's SOoOooo NICE! It's very soft and shimmery, not glittery. Marble of pinks, cremes, and beige. Very pretty highlighter and all over powder.

[Face Finish swatch.]

This is a lip balm, with SPF 15, and it smells like bananas. I guess it's supposed to smell like "Wrigley's Juicy Fruit." =/ C doesn't like this, but M loves the SPF factor.

This eyeliner is from Sephora, it's Kat Von D's LINE!! OmG!! C is SO jealous of this and didn't even see M put it on the counter... The color is Proud Peacock. A very dark green color. The eyeliner, only swatched, feels very thick and apparently waterproof because C still has the swatch on her hand from 3 hours ago. =D

[Kat Von D eyeliner swatch.]

[Free sample! = "Hope in a jar"

OPI polish in The It Color. Verrrrryyyy pretty color for tanned beach bodies this year! Yay!

The following few pictures are of rings from Forever 21. MC's favorite place for accessories!!

This one is a gold band ring, with dangling marble beads all over the top. Very cute!

These giant flower rings seem to be so popular. There have been shopping trips before Zhoozhx2 was composed with a few other really cute flower style rings... Jewelry Stash blog soon with MC's collection! =D

This ring was just darling to C. A black and a white rose with celestial style design on the undersides. So cute!

The ultimate ring. Another flower style ring, REALLY big and REALLY gorgeous. the petals are framed in that gold and the inside is a "glass looking" plastic, I'm guessing, with a tiny rhinstone in the middle. We searched and searched for another. Swear this is the only one! Cool!

Very soon to come= ** M's entire makeup stash [be VERY afraid.], C's wimpy stash, MC jewelry AND then M's SHOES and PURSES!! Probably will take just the rest of this month to see the type of damage MC Zhoozh can do in just about any store.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WalGREENS! 03/17/09 St. Patties Day!

I posted in an earlier blog that I would follow up with the "chippage" of my For Audrey mani/pedi.

Well... "chippage" = moderate.

It was about a week ago today that I did my mani/pedi with the China Glaze- For Audrey polish and it started to chip yesterday and moreso noticeable today. So... I stripped and tipped again!

This insane neon purple color is called Flying Dragon, also by China Glaze. The polish is also featured in the Sally Beauty Supply Haul blog.

This polish is Show Me the Way by Sinful Colors brand. It's a crazy metallic, lime green color. C likes to think of it as Alligator green.

The closest color is Show Me the Way, but as you can see from the toes it is not a dark color. (Poor picture. =/)

The polish closest now is called Pearl Harbor, just a clear glitter polish. The good thing about this one is it's not chunky or sticky like some glitter polishes are.

The final polish from Walgreens is this blue glitter one, called "Hottie". LOL. It's just so HOT. M is an absolute polish addict obviously. Yikes. I mean we only have 20 nails!

And yes, another lippie. This item, not this color I don't think, was apart of the UK package that was sent to Magpie a few weeks ago. M bought one of these Covergirl Outlast Lipstains to try for herself. This color is number 415.

** Missing Swatches!

First thing's first. THESE minis were free for C's birthday for Sephora Insider subscribers! Yay! 18 years old on the 27th! =D

(From left to right)

Precious Pink, Rosie Glow, and Bronzed Beauty!

Here are the swatches, (on top) Bronzed Beauty, (middle) Rosie Glow, (bottom) Precious Pink.

This ring is from H&M! It just has one little stone and a few dangly flower leaves and a pink daisy!

This is M's rings, SO cute. 2 bands with small rhinetstones, another blank band and one with a black stone. Also from H&M.

H&M jeans. Apparently M's favorite! C needs to buy a pair to really feel the love I guess. =D

C's super cute blouse from Brass Plum at Nordstrom.

Switching swatch from the Sephora brand "plumping lipgloss"

Missing swatch from Carol's Daughter lipgloss.
"Grown and Sexy."

Missing swatch from Laura Geller lipgloss.
"City Lights."

FOTD! "Expensive Pink!"

Hello Ladies! Today's look was pretty fresh, with a really nice MAC eyeshadow in "Expensive Pink". It's one of my favorite colors!

Here's a list of the things I used to do my face today=

(From the top to the bottom, left to right.)
Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Classic Ivory
Covergirl Pressed powder pact in Soft Honey
Maybelling Mineral Powder in Nude
Botanics Cooling Eyebase
MAC studio touchup stick (NW20)
MAC brush 217
MAC brush 208
Sephora flat crease brush
MAC brush 252
NYX white jumbo eye pencil
MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow
MAC Naked pigment
Revlon quad creme eyeshadow pact in VaVaVaVoom
Wet n Wild Expressions eyeshadow pact in Sandcastle
Nars Angelika blush

There are pictures of the finished project way WAY below so bare with me. =D First I applied the mineral foundation to my face with a makeup sponge and dotted the MAC studio touch up stick on a few spots on my chin, I've been breaking out this week =/. Then I used the matching mineral POWDER to set my face. I used this eyebase from Botanics as my eyeshadow primer. Now, this primer is the best one I've tried in my attempt to find a drugstore primer in comparison to the Urban Decay potion. The Botanics base contains licorice, horse chestnut, and apple extracts to soothe the eyebase for a more supple, less puffy eyebase, it is also skintone and not sticky like I find the UD Primer Potion to be.

The next thing I did while I allowed my eyebase to sit into my skin was contour my cheeks with the Covergirl pressed powder. It is just dark enough for my skin right now because I am in between my pale winter skin and browning summer skin. After that I returned to my eyes and coated my middle finger with the jumbo white NYX stick and dabbed it on my lid from lashline to crease. Using the 252 brush, over the white I put the MAC pigment "Naked" and took the pigment from lashline to brow bone. I didn't want a very WHITE color as the bottom layer so I put the very light beige Naked over it. I then applied the lightest pink from this Revlon VaVaVaVoom quad and swiped it with my ring finger from my tear duct inward about halfway across my lid.

Next I used this WONDERFUL Wet n Wild Expressions Palette. THIS was a life changing buy ladies, I'm telling you. These colors are so velvety and so nice on the eyes it's amazing how much the palette costs, and it has a slide-out MIRROR in the bottom! Over that VaVaVaVoom creme pink color I put the peachey pink color from this palette with the 252 brush again. It's VERY shiny, not glittery at all, but just very soft shimmery. It is on the top right corner, I used this to highlight my brow bone also.

Now for the actual COLOR of this face. Expensive Pink! This was one of my very first MAC eyeshadows that my mom, "M", bought me as I started to wear makeup. It's a apricot color with gold flecs. It's like a pink-bronze. It's VERY flattering for any color eye, I've found. I used the 217 brush, my favorite, and swirled the tip of the brush in the color to really pick it up into my brush. Then when applying it to the OUTER half of my crease I use very controlled CIRCULAR motions. I find that this really keeps the color right in your crease, a trick that I finally learned from watching the lovely YouTube. (Thank you TiffanyD!)

After all the color was on my lid, to the intensity that I desired, I used the Sephora flat brush to blend. I set the brush length wise on my eyelid at the lash line, and slowly go side to side up to my crease only, blending the Expensive Pink into the Wet n Wild palette color. After the eyelids were done I used the small, flat208 brush and dabbed it in a bit of water and dipped it into the very gold color in the middle of the Wet n Wild palette and applied it to my lower lash line.

I used a mini Kabuki to apply dabs of Angelika to just the apples of my cheeks.

And finally finished with my Maybelline XXL two sided mascara. One side it white to prime the lashes and the other is black to lengthen and define. I LOVE this mascara because it is a very short but wide brush for VOLUME. My eyelashes are very long and have a natural curl. The primer really also works with any other mascara!