Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sephora Immediate Wrinkle Filler

Yep. This stuff is awesome. It feels a lot like that L'Oreal primer that came out a while back. Its $20 for .42 oz and you can actually use it as an all over primer. A little goes a long way. I use it under my eyes primarily, but it REALLY makes your make up stick, and for under eyes, where concealer goes - its awesome as concealer has this funny habit of melting. From Sephora's website :

-Silicone elastomer: Makes skin soft, silky, and smooth.
-Vegetable cellulose: Has a mattifying effect.
-Silica: Controls and balances sebum production to prevent shine throughout the day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laser treatment for veins

I have recently had laser treatment on both legs for varicose veins with the last treatment being today. Its pretty uneventful and not painful. You feel the shots you get for numbing, other than that you don't feel anything. It doesn't take long, and your legs look pretty good when they are done.

Everyone has a different experience of course. Mine has been positive. I am getting married this summer and my dress is knee length and I can't handle the veins anymore, they really got out of control after the last baby. Maybe this is TMI, but I think a lot of people consider having this done, and if you want more info, or opinions - just message me :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kiehls Super Fluid Sunscreen

Want a super awesome Oil Free sunscreen, great for sensitive skin dries to a silky finish, actually makes your skin surface look better than before and has SPF 50+. Oh and no scent/ smell ?? This is it here. If you have a Kiehls close to you, they happily give samples of this, its how I found it. The texture is actually almost watery.. tested this out at Dana Point / Baby Beach the other day - passed the test. I burn easily and I had NOTHING. Not even pink. Its not cheap.. about $35 for the bottle, but you don't need much. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It does not sit on your skin you forget you have it on. That is pretty rare for an SPF50 sunscreen.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

' Baby Beach ' Dana Point CA

We went here today. This is not my pic, but this is pretty accurate. This is a great beach for kids. What you can't see behind the camera is the nice park / grassy area. There are nice bathrooms and showers ( just regular beach showers ) and picnic areas. Weekends are INSANE here. This is basically Dana Point Harbor and its a big launching area for paddleboards and all the kayak / boating clubs. Parking is free too. Can't beat that. The buoys you see on the left are basically marking off the area where the kids go in the water. Its very shallow, the sand is clean, there is a lifeguard on duty on the weekends. My youngest daughter is 2.5 yrs old and loves it here. There are TONS of kids to play with, its close to our house and its nice. Today was gorgeous .

Friday, April 15, 2011


Seems like MUA is all a-buzz about the Tarte Amazonian clay blushes. They are nice, I checked them out in Sephora. But if you really want one, take a look at this. You get a nice 'clay' powder, gel e/l, a cream e/s and mascara. I think at $39 the price is right. I am most intrigued by the blush and the powder. I have my VIB discount and I'm considering this. I need more make up like I need a hole in the head.. but thats not the point :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

A lil lapse in posting. I was in Vegas the last few days.. staying at the Cosmopolitan, which I highly recommend EXCEPT for one thing, and its just about a deal breaker.

CRAPPY water pressure. I am a semi hair freak, and if I can't get water pressure strong enough to get shampoo / conditioner out of my hair, then I can't wash my hair. I already only wash 2x a week, but IF I had gone to the pool or something, we would have had a serious issue. It was really realllllly really weak. I prefer a water stream that feels like your skin is peeling off, but if the spray is so light you literally can't feel it hit your skin, something is really wrong.

Picture above is the Chandelier Bar which looks a LOT better in pictures. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bye Bye Wendy Williams...

Sorry Wendy didn't make it on DWTS. Dancing isn't for everyone right ? I never thought she'd win, but I was hoping..

BUT John Rich - Celebrity Apprentice, he is my PICK TO WIN. I'd lay odds in Vegas on him. Saying this while I boycott the show. I refuse to watch ever since ' The Donald' fired TBOZ from TLC ( maybe 2 seasons ago ) FOR NO REASON. BOOOOO - I have my standards. But I remember John from his show ' Gone Country ' - which I LOOOOVED, and well, he doesn't play around.

We'll see what happens with him :D