Saturday, April 4, 2009

C= 10 favorite drugstore items.

#1.) Rimmel lipstick= Crush.

A creamy apricot shade, with a little bit of shimmer.

#2.) Chapstick brand Naturals chapstick= Lip Butter w/ Avocado and raspberry.

Very smooth and healing!

#3.) Almay smart shade foundation= light/medium.

This is the BEST foundation I've EVER used. It's not really even like a foundation. It's so light and sheer, it's more like just a tinted moisturizer. I love that it has SPF!

#4.) Jergens Faces cold cream= (GONE!)

My grandmother has used this all her life and she is nearly 80 years old! I promise you she does NOT look at day over 50. She has the most wonderful skin and I asked her what her secret was and I've been using THIS tub since I was 15. I'm 18 now!! It's much gentler than most cold creams which tend to tingle my skin and make an almost burning sensation. I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE again so I'm making this tub last as long as I can!

#5.) AcneFree Black Head TERMINATOR.

This is really similar to that weird chamomile "pimple drying" solution. It is basically just concentrated benzoyl peroxide, and it works very quickly. It brings the pimple or black head out but reduces redness and the occasional swelling.

#6.) Shinylicious lipgloss= Raiz'n Razzle.

These lipglosses are the best. I've had several of them in almost every flavor.

#7.) Dream Mousse Blush= Soft Plum.

I actually have 4 of these blushes but this one is my favorite. The dream mousse products are so soft and smooth, and very long wearing.

#8.) Milani Power Lash mascara= Jet black.

I absolutely LOVE this mascara. This is my 3rd tube of this particular one too! I have really long, curly lashes so I tend to look for mascara with a very large brush because it spreads the mascara over my lashes so much better than others. I hate clumps!

#9.) WetnWild Ultimate Expressions palette= Sand Castle.

#10.) Prestige eyeliner= Lightening.

I also have about 5 of these eyeliners and I love them. They go on smooth, and stay put all day. The each are seemingly waterproof also. I am not a huge fan of eyeliner but if I'm going to purchase some at all I only buy Prestige.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jamba Juice secret!

Today MC dropped by a Vons graced with an inside Jamba Juice on their way to Irvine Spectrum. The lovely woman at the stand casually mentioned that she could save C about 2 or 3 dollars with a little tip, BUT she also mentioned that she wouldn't say this is her "manager" was present....

Instead of buy two 16 size smoothies, (Jamba goes by ounces not small or medium or large), you can buy one POWER size, which is 30 Oz. Then they can divide into the two smaller 16 oz cups! It's nearly 3 bucks cheaper and you even have a bit left over! Two 16 oz. sizes would cost about 7 dollars but the one power size is 4.90! She also told C about a motorcycle accident her son was just in while out in the desert riding with some friends and that's why she needed to obtain the JJ job. Sweet isn't she?

<3 MC

M= 10 favorite drugstore items.

#1.) Rimmel lipstick= Airy Fairy and Birthday Suit.

(The one closest to the camera is Birthday Suit, a creamy nude. Airy Fairy is a nice sheer pink with a little bit of shimmer.)

#2.) Maybelline Mascara= Colossal Volum' Express and Lash Stilletto. I love both, but if I had to pick ONE, its Colossal. I have tried LashBlast, and I loved it, until I tried this. Neither of these smudge or flake, and they are easy to remove.

The yelllow tube is Glam Black and the black tube is Very Black. (C says, "Mom. Black is BLACK. Why buy two?)

#3.) Loreal Kohl Eyeliner= Burgundy, Teal and Black. I love these. I have the 'original', the Guerlain eye kohl in brown, these are just as good if not better for a LOT less $$. I use them to line with the 'eastern method'. They are very pigmented and the only down side is the 'fall out'. Tap the stylus lightly before using and it helps a little.

#4.) NYC lipstick= Cafe. This is a very nice frosty mocha. For $1, its a great neutral lipstick. Not too matte or gloss, its long lasting and doesn't taste bad. I really like it.

(Cafe is a really nice, shimmer mocha color. Wears very smooth.)

#5.) WetNWild Ultimate Expressions palette= Sand Castle. (M and C have this palette, C uses it in most of her FOTD's.) This has 8 shadows for $4.99, you can't beat it. The shadows are nicely pigmented and very soft and easy to blend. They also have blue and purple palette available.

#6.) Milani shadow quad= Earthly Delights. The top right color is a gorgeous olive green that is an HG for me. When applied with a damp brush as eyeliner, it is gorgeous. It has wonderful sparkle, these are highly pigmented and blend very nicely.

#7.) CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer= Fig Splash. This creates a beautiful glossy nude lip. It has a slight chocolate taste.

#8.) Maybelline Shinylicious gloss= Cola Float. These glosses are my favorite, this one in particular. It is highly pigmented ( where not all of these are ) it is a beautiful bronze color. Not sticky, long lasting and has a pleasant cola taste.

#9.) makeup from Kohl's, Flirt! brand Plushious gloss= (left to right) Fire and Spice, Purple Passion, (Unknown), Nude Envy. These are not drugstore per se, they are available at Kohls for $12 each. No one ever talks about these, I guess they are easy to miss. They are the PERFECT mix of a gloss and a lipstick. Very nicely pigmented, not sticky, LONG lasting and they don't taste bad. The 2nd from the left is my perfect mauve, and the 3rd from the left is an HG. Its a soft berry color with gold shimmer, it also makes a very nice stain.

#10.) Milani mineral powder blush= Luminous.
(color match to NARS Orgasm.) I love this product, its very soft and easy to blend. It comes with a small brush in a storage compartment under the actual blush, its not a brush I would use but the packaging is nice.

SBS special!! <3

China Glaze was buy 2 get one free at Sally Beauty Supply today! And M had a coupon for 5 dollars off... BUT! The best thing is M ALSO already is a Sally Card holder!! So the CG is 3.50 with the Sally Card, then she got the free one. On top of that the purchase would've been close to 8 dollars but witht he 5 dollars off the total was....

$1.63!!!!! MC knows how to shop!!

The darkest color in the picture above is Watermelon Rind. Dark green and Glittery, definitely a toe color.
The apricot one is called V, 2 coats!
And that last baby pink one is Naked, also glittery but more subtle than in the Watermelon Rind.

UK package... For C! [From Magpie Sparkles!]

Long time no see! MC has had a lot of family events occur in the last week so bear with us as we get back into the swing of updates ladies.

This package is from our friend Magpie Sparkles, UK! It's just a little somethin' for C... and so close to her birthday! Thank you Emma!

This item is a GOSH lipstick in Darling. There was also a GOSH Cool Lipjam in this package but M stole it from C... =D Silly girls.

Here is a sample of a cleansing oil by Shu Uemura. C will most likely pack this when she goes on her Spring Break trip!

This is one of C's favorites in this package. A GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner #18. It's a very sparkly eyeliner with a tiny little brush, so pretty!

This is so cute because it's green! C's favorite color! 2true Eyeliner dazzler in #AA9. Party time eyeliner!

This item is an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eyeliner. C has had 2 other colors before and loves this eyeliner! Purple is very flattering to brown eyes!! Thnx thnx thnx!!

Here is a little sample of Lancome Photogenic foundation #02. It's VERY soft and goes on sheer on C. It covers very well and has such a reasonable SPF 20!

This is a second favorite in this package. A Burgundy HIP Kohl Eyeliner. C also has the Teal and Black and LOVES them! Yay!

Okay, this isn't even a favorite. It's a LOVE. It's a Barry M Fine Glitter Dust[#15] It's absolutely amazing. It's just a nice silver dust with gold flecs and sort of a blue-ee undertone. C can't even describe it. It wears very nicely and leaves hardly any fall out being a glittery sort of "pigment". It's wonderful!!! Thank you Emma! C loves this!!

This item is a 5 day sample of Lancome Genifique.

This is also a great packing item. It's Lee Stafford's Poker Straight dry shampoo!

This BarryM shimmering eye and lip pencil is really nice as a high lighter on cheeks as well as the brow bone. It goes and smooths and wears all day! =D

Also not pictured here is another sample package of the Maybelline Mineral Power foundation in Ivory. This founation was very light on C but she mixed it with a bronzer and it was a very nice wear. She also owns a full version of the Mineral foundation by Maybelline and it's great! Also with SPF 15! And one other item not pictured was a small pigment jar sized tub of silver glitter!! C used this on her birthday when she went to Disneyland! She sparkled all day. Thank you Magpie, you made C's 18th that much more special!! xxxxx