Friday, April 3, 2009

M= 10 favorite drugstore items.

#1.) Rimmel lipstick= Airy Fairy and Birthday Suit.

(The one closest to the camera is Birthday Suit, a creamy nude. Airy Fairy is a nice sheer pink with a little bit of shimmer.)

#2.) Maybelline Mascara= Colossal Volum' Express and Lash Stilletto. I love both, but if I had to pick ONE, its Colossal. I have tried LashBlast, and I loved it, until I tried this. Neither of these smudge or flake, and they are easy to remove.

The yelllow tube is Glam Black and the black tube is Very Black. (C says, "Mom. Black is BLACK. Why buy two?)

#3.) Loreal Kohl Eyeliner= Burgundy, Teal and Black. I love these. I have the 'original', the Guerlain eye kohl in brown, these are just as good if not better for a LOT less $$. I use them to line with the 'eastern method'. They are very pigmented and the only down side is the 'fall out'. Tap the stylus lightly before using and it helps a little.

#4.) NYC lipstick= Cafe. This is a very nice frosty mocha. For $1, its a great neutral lipstick. Not too matte or gloss, its long lasting and doesn't taste bad. I really like it.

(Cafe is a really nice, shimmer mocha color. Wears very smooth.)

#5.) WetNWild Ultimate Expressions palette= Sand Castle. (M and C have this palette, C uses it in most of her FOTD's.) This has 8 shadows for $4.99, you can't beat it. The shadows are nicely pigmented and very soft and easy to blend. They also have blue and purple palette available.

#6.) Milani shadow quad= Earthly Delights. The top right color is a gorgeous olive green that is an HG for me. When applied with a damp brush as eyeliner, it is gorgeous. It has wonderful sparkle, these are highly pigmented and blend very nicely.

#7.) CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer= Fig Splash. This creates a beautiful glossy nude lip. It has a slight chocolate taste.

#8.) Maybelline Shinylicious gloss= Cola Float. These glosses are my favorite, this one in particular. It is highly pigmented ( where not all of these are ) it is a beautiful bronze color. Not sticky, long lasting and has a pleasant cola taste.

#9.) makeup from Kohl's, Flirt! brand Plushious gloss= (left to right) Fire and Spice, Purple Passion, (Unknown), Nude Envy. These are not drugstore per se, they are available at Kohls for $12 each. No one ever talks about these, I guess they are easy to miss. They are the PERFECT mix of a gloss and a lipstick. Very nicely pigmented, not sticky, LONG lasting and they don't taste bad. The 2nd from the left is my perfect mauve, and the 3rd from the left is an HG. Its a soft berry color with gold shimmer, it also makes a very nice stain.

#10.) Milani mineral powder blush= Luminous.
(color match to NARS Orgasm.) I love this product, its very soft and easy to blend. It comes with a small brush in a storage compartment under the actual blush, its not a brush I would use but the packaging is nice.


tina_mbc said...

You have some items there that I 've been meaning to try, L'oreal liners and Milani Luminous!!! Lovely post!

MC said...

The Milani Luminous is really nice. I have it on today, and I just love it. The L'Oreal liners are awesome also, I use them to line with the 'eastern method'. There are a lot of 'how to' videos on YouTube that show how to do it if you don't know. I watched several to get the 'jist'. Thanks for looking !