Friday, April 3, 2009

Jamba Juice secret!

Today MC dropped by a Vons graced with an inside Jamba Juice on their way to Irvine Spectrum. The lovely woman at the stand casually mentioned that she could save C about 2 or 3 dollars with a little tip, BUT she also mentioned that she wouldn't say this is her "manager" was present....

Instead of buy two 16 size smoothies, (Jamba goes by ounces not small or medium or large), you can buy one POWER size, which is 30 Oz. Then they can divide into the two smaller 16 oz cups! It's nearly 3 bucks cheaper and you even have a bit left over! Two 16 oz. sizes would cost about 7 dollars but the one power size is 4.90! She also told C about a motorcycle accident her son was just in while out in the desert riding with some friends and that's why she needed to obtain the JJ job. Sweet isn't she?

<3 MC

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