Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

A lil lapse in posting. I was in Vegas the last few days.. staying at the Cosmopolitan, which I highly recommend EXCEPT for one thing, and its just about a deal breaker.

CRAPPY water pressure. I am a semi hair freak, and if I can't get water pressure strong enough to get shampoo / conditioner out of my hair, then I can't wash my hair. I already only wash 2x a week, but IF I had gone to the pool or something, we would have had a serious issue. It was really realllllly really weak. I prefer a water stream that feels like your skin is peeling off, but if the spray is so light you literally can't feel it hit your skin, something is really wrong.

Picture above is the Chandelier Bar which looks a LOT better in pictures. Just sayin'.

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