Friday, March 20, 2009

Chippage UpDate*

An update on the mani/pedi of the Flying Dragon (CHG) and Show Me the Way (Sinful Colors)...

Flying Dragon chippage= HORRIBLE

Show Me the Way= moderate

I searched reviews for the CHG color on and there were none for this color, but in general NEON polishes chip INSANELY because of certain ingredients in the solution. They have to add certain articles to the Neons because if not they will not reflect light in a way to where they would look appealing on the nail, but also those added articles eliminate the "binding" effect from your basecoat so the Neon polish, even over that basecoat, chips off. It doesn't chip off in little bits either, it comes off in sheets. Huge shards almost like it is a peel-off polish. C is disappointed because Flying Dragon was her "party time" color. =/

Show Me the Way is not so much of a disappointment still though because the color was only 1.99, and C did not use a basecoat at all. Will do next time to see if the chippage is improved.

Happy Painting ladies!

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