Monday, March 16, 2009


This is a mini haul from Sephora. We went to South Coast Plaza, and we showed MUCH restraint.

We ate at the Claim Jumper, and we HIGHLY recommend the Baked Potato soup. Mmm mmm!!

This is from Carol's Daughter. I love this brand, this is Candy Paint lipgloss, the shade is "Grown and Sexy". This is a very nice goldy peach, lots of shimmer. This picture with the flash makes it look pink. I want to post a swatch picture, no flash, because this color is MUCH nicer than the bubble gum pink it looks to be here. It's all natural with shea butter and aloe. Carol's Daughter is expanding, they have these now, and their new fragrance -Pearls.

This is Laura Gellar "City Lights". Essentially a clear lip gloss with loads of shimmer. Its irridescent glitter/shimmer, not gritty and very smooth. This is my first Laura Gellar purchase, I am excited to use this. This needs a swatch picture also. C gets excited and posts pics / blogs with out swatch pics. * will add today *

This is a Sephora makeup brand plumping lip gloss in a sort of iridescent bluey-pink color. I love Sephora's own brand, I find everything to be high quality. * swatch pics coming *

M AND C each got one of these little babies. It's a "perfume balm". This scent is called, "Hawaiin Ruby Guava." It's just like a grapefruit-ish kinda floral scent. You put little dabs on your wrists, behind the ears and it's just strong enough to float to a person next to you; surprisingly because it's such an odd form of perfume. These were 9$ and they have about 5 or 6 other scents. FAVORITE FIND!

Sephora Insider gift today. It is a roll on sample perfume by Clean. It's a very basic, fresh smelling roll on.

** This blog post is incomplete. We hauled more yesterday - clothes / jewelry. I want swatch pics added. We will update this today **

-03/17/09= Hi, it's C. It's very hard to add pictures to a blog that's already been published. I'm an amateur I'm sorry ladies. LOL. I made another blog with the "swatches" from this post and the clothes and other things we bought with these items. <3C


VictoriaHasNoSecrets said...

Loving the haul ladies! I need to find those solid perfumes. I have to return something to Sephora and I'll blame you for spending that money instead of putting it back on my card lol

MC said...

Blame Me !! Those little perfumes are nice. Sadly, if you find a scent you REALLLLLY like, they have lotions sprays and candles.. UGH !!!