Friday, March 20, 2009

Girls day out!

Hello again ladies! We have yet another random haul from a very lovely girls day! =D

**M, C, H, J, and V!**

Sonia Kasuk blue blending sponges
OPI polish
MAC mineral face finish
rings and a free sephora sample!

Here we go!

These are the makeup sponges, similar apparently to the Beauty Blender seen on YouTube. A review of the Beauty Blender by TiffanyD was a qieu to try THESE little puppies. Cheaper and just the same! We'll see... MC will have a FOTD featuring this tool soon!

This is a MAC mineralized skin finish in Perfect Topping. It's SOoOooo NICE! It's very soft and shimmery, not glittery. Marble of pinks, cremes, and beige. Very pretty highlighter and all over powder.

[Face Finish swatch.]

This is a lip balm, with SPF 15, and it smells like bananas. I guess it's supposed to smell like "Wrigley's Juicy Fruit." =/ C doesn't like this, but M loves the SPF factor.

This eyeliner is from Sephora, it's Kat Von D's LINE!! OmG!! C is SO jealous of this and didn't even see M put it on the counter... The color is Proud Peacock. A very dark green color. The eyeliner, only swatched, feels very thick and apparently waterproof because C still has the swatch on her hand from 3 hours ago. =D

[Kat Von D eyeliner swatch.]

[Free sample! = "Hope in a jar"

OPI polish in The It Color. Verrrrryyyy pretty color for tanned beach bodies this year! Yay!

The following few pictures are of rings from Forever 21. MC's favorite place for accessories!!

This one is a gold band ring, with dangling marble beads all over the top. Very cute!

These giant flower rings seem to be so popular. There have been shopping trips before Zhoozhx2 was composed with a few other really cute flower style rings... Jewelry Stash blog soon with MC's collection! =D

This ring was just darling to C. A black and a white rose with celestial style design on the undersides. So cute!

The ultimate ring. Another flower style ring, REALLY big and REALLY gorgeous. the petals are framed in that gold and the inside is a "glass looking" plastic, I'm guessing, with a tiny rhinstone in the middle. We searched and searched for another. Swear this is the only one! Cool!

Very soon to come= ** M's entire makeup stash [be VERY afraid.], C's wimpy stash, MC jewelry AND then M's SHOES and PURSES!! Probably will take just the rest of this month to see the type of damage MC Zhoozh can do in just about any store.


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Valerie said...

Hope in a Jar is AWESOME!!!! A little bit expensive, but wonderful nonetheless.