Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have these shoes in carts all over the internet. Amazon, Nordstrom.. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. These are a LOOONG time lemming. They come higher than this, I don't want those. The sides of the platform are suede, but you can get them in cork.. I am still kind of deciding on that. You can also get them in different colors - green, darker brown, metallic etc.. they don't come in half sizes so I imagine I am a 10 ( booo ) the price is about $135 standard. A store by me sells these, down in Laguna Beach. I think I might go try them on to make sure of the size, if the price is right ( this store is WAY over priced IMO. Probably for tourists. Boooo again ) I would like to buy them locally. Maybe I will check them out Friday.

What do you think ? Anyone have these ? They were popular in the 70's. And these are the SAME ones, same brand.

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