Friday, April 24, 2009

Vegas- LUSH!

DADDY-O SHAMPOO - (cuts "yellow" in the hair, for colored hair, purple tone eliminates brassiness). This stuff is INKY INKY purple, and scary. I mixed it with regular shampoo the first time. I used it straight the 2nd time, it works. I have highlighted hair, and while I don't think I get 'brassy' I think I get a little fading..which I think is oxidation, and this perks it up. The smell is off putting. Someone told me its violet ( so does the LUSH website ), if that smell is violet, no thanks. It really smells like hair dye to me. The small bottle was $8.75 and its 3.3 ounces. I wash my hair 2x a week, I wouldn't use this both times, so it will probably last a while, I am not sure this is a re-purchase yet.

COOLAULIN CONDITIONER- (creamed coconut and lemon to help dry hair)
Why you would put lemon juice in something that is supposed to be conditioning/moisturizing, I do not know. I am a sucker for almost anything that smells like coconut, and this has a great scent, not the fake sugary coconut, but real. As far as being moisturizing, to me its not. It feels like nothing. HOWEVER, I know it does something because my hair is dirty and gross within 2 days. VERY similar to how your hair would be if you washed it with a bar of soap. Not that I've done this recently, but when I was younger I tried it a few times. This is not a re-purchase. I wish it was a body wash, I love the scent.

Bubble bars- (Cream Candy)
I buy these all the time, they are awesome. They smell similar to the RockStar soap. One bar is $6.65 so its not cheap, however you can just break off pieces of this for the bath and it can last quite a while. I used to buy LUSH by mail because no stores are local, I still have my last box, and it was 2005, and I just used all my stuff up. While I don't recommend letting it all get that old, it does last a while. These are NOT moisturizing. They are vanilla-y, sugar-y scented which I like. They do make lots of great bubbles.
I did also buy a MMM melting marshmellow moment bath melt, no picture available as I already mutilated it. I never use anything as a single use, the LUSH products are too big / expensive to do that. I've never used a bath melt, this one looks like a giant pink cupcake. It says its moisurizing, I will say its slightly so. I am not sure this is a re-purchase. The website is showing a ' You've been Mango'd' bath melt that actually looks better, I didn't see that one :( The Marshmellow one is $ 7.95 and the mango is $5.85...
Since LUSH is so ridiculously priced, I really try to curb what I buy. I usually always just buy Creamy Candy bubble bars and RockStar soap, but I passed on the soap this time, I still have part of a bar left right now. I have never ventured into the shampoo/conditioner realm with them. I always look at the shampoo bars but I will not purchase, I am a semi-freak about what I put in my hair, and they are not that appealing.
I am going back to Vegas in July, I'll probably get a RockStar soap then, maybe that Mango thing, I hate paying for shipping, so I'll just wait until I'm there :D

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