Thursday, May 14, 2009



- I went to the post office yesterday. I got out the last bit of my last swap, sent my NARS duo Sin/Casino to a nice gal on MUA, and sent a suprise belated birthday package to a Miss. Magpie Sparkles. She will be very surprised !! ( not after she reads this ) ohh, but she will, she has NO idea what it is.

- I made it through Cardio Kick Boxing today !

- The weather is beyond awesome finally. Going to the beach this weekend.

- Loving my mothers day present from Mike - my pink face Rolex. I need to post a picture, its GORGEOUS !!

- Harper seems to be able to survive day care at the gym now.


- Still no beach bod for the beach, but I'm working on it.

- too lazy to go to the car wash, and my car is looking fairly dirty right now.

- looking at some pics I posted on FaceBook of myself, ghastly. But I'm working on it.


Emma - [Magpie Sparkles] said...

OMG, wow! You shouldn't have - well I will be MOST excited to see what the postman brings eeeeee!!

Emma - [Magpie Sparkles] said...

And thank you, obviously :)

tina_mbc said...

I have a few things going on too: beach bod on the making and an idea for a similar package...;))) Hopefully we 'll be both beach bod ready before it gets too hot...;))) xx

MC said...

Tina - I have been taking cardio kickboxing and some classes like that at the gym.. Hopefully by July when I go to Vegas, I will look better :P

Emma - oooh the anticipation !