Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BarryM mani/pedi!! <3

{Right to left}

Seche Clear- Base Coat
NAIL PAINT, BarryM- Mint Green
Esse- Over the Top
Sinful Colors- Pearl Harbour
Seche Vite- Top Coat

The BarryM Nail Paint is M's newest swap item from England. It's "Mint Green", literally. Really smooth formula; two or three coats/ super shiny!

To do the curved tips C actually uses a flat concealer brush, a makeup brush, dipped in 100% acetone and dabbed on a paper towel.

Using the Seche clear base coat all over the nail surface, allowing to dry, then painting the tips of the nail to about midway to the beds. Smoothing to the desired width of the french tip you want, (C likes hers thicker than most but the concealer brush with acetone allows you to make your tip as thin as you like)

For the polka dots, the pointy end of a toothpick cut down enough to get a small, round, flat kind of "stamp", (cut right in the middle of the toothpick for a bigger polka dot, or for flower petals), Then dipping that tip into the Esse- Over the Top black color and stamping it right onto the Mint Green BarryM tip.
How ever many polka dots you like, what ever size. Then with the Sinful Colors- Pearl Harbour, coat the entire nail over after the tips and polkies are dry.
Finish with the Seche Vite Top Coat. This top coat is "quick dry", so it dries quick. LOL


Lydia said...

Wow they look amazing! I may have to try this on my nails, but not my toe nails, could never manage that! xx

mizzworthy said...

Such a cute mani-pedi!