Friday, May 29, 2009

WARNING : Worst lipgloss EVER !

Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lipgloss.

Horrid. I am a big fan of Carol's Daughter and was excited to see this lip gloss. I even posted a pic of it in a previous blog - Sephora Haul. BAH !!

Talk about inconsistent formula. I squeeze the tube and a bunch of clear / oily stuff comes out. OK, I've seen that before, Keep going... same thing. I put the lid on, squished the tube around a bit, I got a wee bit of color, then all clear oily stuff. I freaked and just kept squeezing and squeezing, nothing. I'd say its half gone now.

At $13.50, certainly I expect more than this. I CERTAINLY expect more from Carol's Daughter. I just read reviews on MUA, and guess what ?! Same thing, so it wasn't a 'one - off'.

Pass on this stuff.

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