Saturday, May 30, 2009



- Sunrise yoga this AM. Excercise out of the way by 8:30am. YAY. I took my mom, I think it almost killed her
- Chorizo / eggs / fruit for breakfast at Pacific Whey. YES !
- Possibly going to Coto De Caza tonight, I'll see if its worth the hype. Its 'inland' so I really doubt it.
- my fingernails are recovering from whatever happened to them when they all split / peeled and broke. I need to buy gloves for washing bottles but I can't seem to remember to buy them.
- Harper is doing better at day care.
- my mom bought me a margarita machine for my birthday. BOOYOW !!


- the weather. Miserable grey and a mist so heavy it seems like rain. WHATEVER.
- The aforementioned Carols Daughter lip gloss is now clearanced at TJ MAXX for $3.50, glad I could over pay for that crap by $10.
- did I mention the weather ?
- My Name is Earl was cancelled and well, guess what NBC ? You suck. You cancelled LasVegas and now this ? go ahead and show all your 'reality' BS. It sux and so DO YOU !


tina_mbc said...

A margarita machine? I so need that for summer! :)) x

MC said...

Its nice and the best part, its FAST !! it takes no time to make a pitcher full !

Anonymous said...

I miss you girls :(

Are you still around?


smiley13tree said...

Yay for TJ Maxx and their cheapies. Good thing I was never interested in trying Carols Daughter...