Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm BACK !

Two year hiatus.. HORRIBLE.

I have mucho to blog about. Lets get started :

Tried the new DRYBAR blow out only salon at Fashion Island Friday. It was the grand opening. I've read a lot about 'blow outs' and a friend of mine told me about this, and I was intrigued. 30 minutes, $35 - shampoo included. They have a 'menu' of hair styles to choose from, I chose the 'Cosmopolitan', big curls is the basic jist of this hairstyle. It was just OK.

First and foremost, this isn't 30 minutes. I was there over an hour and she didn't even really finish I HAD to leave to pick up my 2 yr old from school. I don't have that kind of time. And if it takes that long, SAY IT. Don't say 30 minutes all over your website. I saw a pic on line of 2 girls blowing out someones hair at the same time, this is how I 'thought' 30 minutes was possible. I didn't like what I got. I came home and re-did it. However, everyone else's hair that I saw walk out of there looked awesome. I have long curly hair that is fine and tangles easily and I think it took her 10 minutes just to brush it out :(

They use Living Proof products. I was told the shampoo is sulfate free. I am an Aveda freak, I mean fan, but its ok - I can try something else. The salon is beautiful, everyone is nice. They offer drinks, snacks. They have 'add ons' like scalp massage. You can get an 'up do'. I like that you can book on line. Just pick your day / time. Its very easy. They do parties, you can get a 'membership'. Watching ' The Devil Wears Prada' with subtitles was really nice actually.

I will try again. I will get their ' classic ' blowout, whatever they call it, and see what happens. I am a bad ' first impression' person.

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