Tuesday, March 8, 2011

' Working Out '

Decided to do the thrice weekly 'work out' in the Great Outdoors today. Laguna Niguel Regional Park. I love this place. If you haul your cookies around it twice, I think its 6 miles ? its pretty flat so its not too much of a work out, some areas have hills. There are stop-off areas to work out, like to do pull ups and stuff like that. AS IF !! hahahaha. The walk is all I can handle. There were giant geese there as large as dogs, pooping as LARGE as dogs also, but I like this place.

Its clean. Its safe. You don't have to fight your way around cars / bikes. Mostly pedestrians, dog walkers, and stroller pushers. I put the Ipod on shuffle and discovered some new songs. I need to get a pedometer / heart rate monitor. I've had some recommendations made, still trying to decide. The BF's Ipod nano has a pedometer in it, and well, that is very compelling. Maybe I just need that.

So what did you all do today ? anyone anyone ? Yes walking around the mall counts as exercise !

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