Sunday, March 6, 2011

My latest crush

I've 'crushed' on many people over the years. Tiger Woods ( boooo ), Tom Ford ( who knew we BOTH loved Hostess Donettes ), Paula Deen etc.. but the Daryl Hall fascination is out of control. I get giddy thinking about him. I dream about him, I talk about him like I know him. I caught a video of him on his website a year or so ago, '' and that was it.

Of course we recognize him from the 80's - Maneater comes to mind, but if anyone could get hotter with age, its him. I think he's 60+, my mom's age. I saw him in concert at the Pomona Fairgrounds last October ( SOLD OUT I might add. Hall and Oates is no joke ), and with that strawberry hair blowing in the wind, wearing sunglasses at night ( I forgive him ) being all tall and hot.. it was too much.

It is odd, I will note - that he and John Oates do not talk to each other on stage, don't look at each, converse, nothing. WEIRD. I've googled and googled to see if those 2 don't get along. I can't find anything.

Two weeks ago, in my sleep, I became Mrs. Daryl Hall. It was all you could ever imagine <3

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