Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TUESDAYS Ups and Downs - 'stolen' from Magpie Sparkles :D


- Going to Vega$ tomorrow. I can't wait. I wonder if taking my 5 month old to Vega$ is a big mistake.

- Getting back into Yoga. I wish I hadn't stopped.

- Anticipating a swap package from Ireland. Very exciting. I am swapping with BeautyJunky86 on YouTube. Check out her channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/beautyjunky86

- My daughter smiling at me constantly, how did I get so lucky ?

- We bought 2 day tickets to Disneyland a week ago, greatly anticipating the next trip to be better than the 1st one.


- The weather in Vega$ is going to be miserable. I hate April.

- Not having time to do make up / hair anymore. Its so difficult with the baby.

- Regretting not having planted my daffodil bulbs last fall :(

- Faulty diapers suddenly not containing ANYTHING ( TMI TMI )

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