Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Up reviews, Product Reviews and Reviews in general....

I am a long time member of, since 1991. Initially the only thing I did on this site is look at reviews. Its the consumer reports of all make up / hair /skin products and has proven invaluable. I have very few, if any regrettable purchases.

In looking for baby products for my newborn, the reviews of products on and have been invaluable as well. - same thing. I like the rating system of food - easy, intermediate, difficult.. I am food challenged and I like EASY and I like to read others reviews first to learn of their pitfalls before I have my own. HELPFUL right ?

What made me think of this is that we are travelling to Vegas this week. We typically eat at restaurants on the strip, and my signficant other is quite picky. We are looking to expand our repetoire and find a new mexican place. Googling the restaurant and looking at the menu is not enough.. what to do ???

Go to YELP.COM. I love this website. The search engine alone is AMAZING. You want mexican food in Vegas ? search it.. Just put in 'mexican food' and 'Las Vegas'...if you forget the name of a restaurant you want to revisit ? as long as you know the food type and what city its in, chances are you can find it on YELP.COM. I am a member of - Yelp Elite to be exact :P and it is ALL member reviews. And these people are hard core foodies, and I find that the reviews are pretty accurate and exacting. Not only are restaurants 'yelped', but retail stores, grocery stores, doctors, dentists, schools, nail shops etc... I myself have 'yelped' my OBGYN, my dentist, oral surgeon, high school, favorite retail stores, hair salon, nail salon and restaurants, not only in California where I live but places I visit - Georgia, Colorado etc...

If you haven't checked it out, do so, join and YELP. The more people that write reviews, the better it is. There are also YELP events, a message board and other fun things available.

Here is my profile :

Also note, Yelpers are VERY helpful, if you have a question about a specific review they wrote - message them. They are pretty fanatical ( similar to MUA ) about their YELPS and will get back to you. :D

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