Friday, April 17, 2009

Ups and Downs


- TGIF of course
- Johnsons and Johnsons baby wash. Its superior to all other body washes without question
- Bunco is over, and my menu was a hit. What a relief. I literally have nightmares when its my turn to host
- I learned how to make sangria. Sometimes 'winging it' is fun !
- Watching Yo Gabba Gabba ! with my daughter. What a cute educational show.
- the prospect of going to the Irvine Spectrum today. A friend wants a CP of MAC's Perfect Topping, I wonder if it will prove elusive.
- the weather, its finally nice.
- my gorgeous daughter Harper..and of course those other 2 kids I have too..
- my SLEEK eye palette that Magpie Sparkles sent me, I just love it so much
- L'Oreal HIP eye kohls, black. Its my favorite black liner
- Milani Luminous blush - how gorgeous is this ?
- Barry M lip paint in #132
- GOSH cool lip jams


- C's broken heart :(
- the very good prospect of seeing people I REALLY despise this weekend
- being a 'golf widow' every Friday
- the broken heart of my other good friend Ryan, betrayal is unforgiveable, as is lying :(
- no more NEW episodes of 'What not to Wear'. :( what's the deal with that ?

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Emma said...

loving your blog!