Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What has Makeup Alley Done to MC Zhoozh?!

Today we have a ludacris haul from Sally Beauty Supple Store in El Toro, CA. Oh my, did we go kerr-raze-zee!! First picture shows what we bought today....

Beauty Secret Acetone Polish Remover
Lubu Heels- CHG
Ruby Pumps- CHG
Sangria- CHG
Shocking Pink- CHG
Awakening- CHG
Flying Dragon- CHG
Fairy Dust-CHG
Seche Clear base coat
Seche Vite top coat
Mango Mend
Nail Decals - Gambler Cards and Ocean Theme
Zebra emry board
...Can't wait for our Vegas vacation in a few weeks so we can use the Gambler decals!

These next few pictures are pictures of our Nail Hoard that we already had at home awaiting the new additions from Sally's...

(From left to right)

Metro Chic- Sephora OPI
Espresso Your Style-OPI
My Private Jet- OPI
Melody in Mocha- OPI
Glacier Bay Blues- OPI
Eat'n Eggplant- OPI
Hollywood n Wine- OPI
Linkin Park After Dark- OPI

Red Dazzle- OPI
Don't Socra'tease Me- OPI
La Paz'itvely Hott- OPI
Just Groovey- OPI
Oh Saka'to'me Orange- OPI
Down To My Last Penny- OPI
Do Lilac It?- OPI
Rosie Future- OPI
Princesses Rule- OPI
A little Less Converstaion- OPI

Out Back Aphrodisiac- OPI
Bogota Blackberry- OPI
Turned Up Turqouise- CHG
Xtreme Thrash- CHG
Rinse Charming- OPI
Tickled Pink- ULTA
Trumpet- Esse
Looking For Love- Esse
Angel Food- Esse
LicoriceWicked- Esse
Over the Top- Esse
(one color also cut out of this picture is Black Sequins by Dior.)

These next two pictures are drugstore brand nail polishes.

Broadway Burgundy Frost- NYC
Red Rouge- Wet n Wild
Say Cheese!- OPI
Taxi Yellow Creme- NYC
Acid- NYX
Midnight Blue- Passion Co.
Purple Pizzazz Frost- NYC
Fushcia Shock Creme- NYC

Milani from Target=

Quick Dry Coat
Diamond Dazzle (glitter)
Naked Eye
Disco Lights (pink glitter)

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Olivia said...

Wow i want your nail polish collection its amazing :)