Friday, March 13, 2009

"For Audrey"

This color is "For Audrey"- CHG.

It was sent to us from a friend on (SoPolished). Thank you!

It is SUCH a nice color, kind of a very pale teal or "Robin's Egg" color. These nails and toes are C's of MC Zhoozh.

This style was created with the base and top coat from the Sally Beauty Supply Haul in our first blog. Also a few colors from our stash that we already had at home.

Seche clear base coat
Seche clear top coat
For Audrey- CHG
White- Milani
Licorice- Esse

Seche clear base coat- allow to drie to almost a matte finish, very smooth foundation for the color you're using on your nail.
Two coats, maybe three, or the For Audrey- all to dry for about 4 or 5 minutes because when you do the flower design you don't want to drag the For Audrey with the Esse- "Licorice" when you make the flowers.
To make the flowers, use a toothpick. I cut the toothpick right in the middle to make a tiny circular kind of "stamp" to make the flowers. Dip that end into Licorice and "stamp" 5 cirlcles in the shape a the flower like I have shown. Fairly close together but be careful not to let them touch. Wait 60 seconds and then use the pointy end of the toothpick to drag from the center of each "petal" towars the middle of all the five circles you made. This will create a kind of 3-D look to the petals of your flower. For the middle use the other half of that toothpick that I cut and use the NON-pointy end to dip into any color you desire. Yellow, orange, purple, red... I used the Milani color "White".
Last, apply a coat of the quick dry Seche top coat and allow to dry for 10 or 15 minutes.

I used the same routine for the other hand and both feet. It came out so cute and I LOVE the For Audrey color. Thank you SO much "SoPolished"!! Today is Friday and I painted on Wednesday, SO! I will update this blog again soon to tell you ladies how the "chippage" is. =D

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